Why Volunteer?

Volunteering overseas on a Gap Year will push you far outside your comfort zone. You’ll be challenged to explore your potential, build on existing skills and learn new ones, develop confidence and independence and learn about a different culture, whilst having a positive impact in your project.

By immersing yourself in a community overseas you’ll learn about cultures, languages, religions, foods and lifestyles completely different to what you’re used to. At the same time you’ll apply your energy, talents and existing skills to engage in an exchange of mutual benefit with the community you’re working in.

Whilst you’re young you have a relative lack of ties and responsibilities, giving you the time to commit to a long-term project. If you’re ready for something different to formal education, a year’s volunteering can easily fit in with you future aspirations, and will help you along the way whether you want to study at university or find employment. By developing leadership, organisational and communications skills, to name just a few, you’ll stand out amongst the crowd and open the door to a whole world of opportunities.

In a Nutshell…

  • Challenge yourself and explore your potential

  • Build on existing skills and learn new ones

  • Develop your independence and confidence

  • Have a positive impact in your host community

  • Learn about a new culture and a different way of life

“Volunteering overseas has opened my eyes to the fact that wherever you go there are always people who you can relate to, whatever culture they happen to have grown up in. It’s easy to view another culture from the differences to your own, when the really amazing thing is the similarities.”

Tom, Project Trust Volunteer in Chile

Why Volunteer with Project Trust?

Project Trust is the oldest organisation specialising in Gap Year volunteering placements for school-leavers. We have almost 50 years experience of selecting, training and supporting young people through 12 months of work and adventure overseas.

Our week-long selection process allows us to make well-informed decisions on whether we have a suitable project for each candidate, and allows candidates to decide whether Project Trust is the right Gap Year organisation for them to volunteer with.

We only send 300 school-leavers overseas each year, allowing the volunteers to get to know our staff team on a personal level. Through our staff’s knowledge of each individual volunteer, our intensive pre-departure training course and our three-tier support system, our volunteers head overseas with the confidence that they are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, with any assistance they need easily available. When volunteers return from their Gap Year they attend a debriefing course and join Project Trust’s network of almost 7,000 Returned Volunteers.

All our Gap Year placements are long-term, with volunteers staying in project for 12 or 8 months. Staff members visit each project every year to ensure they are delivering a benefit to the host communities, and that volunteers aren’t taking work from the local populace. But it’s not all work: our volunteers are entitled to the same holidays as someone working the same job in the same country, giving them plenty of time to explore Asia, Africa or the Americas.

All Project Trust volunteers have the opportunity to receive a Level Three Foundation Year in Global Volunteering and Citizenship, accredited by One Awards, for completing our Volunteering programme. This gives you something concrete to put on your CV at the end of your Gap Year, in addition to your personal development and the skills you’ll learn.

To volunteer with Project Trust you’ll be asked to fundraise before you fly overseas. Fundraising is the first step in developing your time-management abilities, confidence and independence, and can also be a lot of fun. Over the years our volunteers have found some incredibly innovative ways to fundraise, from to auctioning 100 sheep to be sheared, to visiting all the embassies in The Hague to completing the world’s first tri-llama-thon.

Project Trust is a registered charity, so the money you raise will go towards supporting yourself and other volunteers. Throughout your fundraising you’ll receive support from a dedicated member of staff, who can provide you with ideas and advice. Project Trust’s fundraising target includes major costs like flights and insurance, as well as other expenses like your living allowance and accommodation.

In a Nutshell…

  • Almost 50 years of knowledge and experience

  • Rigorous selection process

  • Thorough pre-departure training

  • Three-tier support system whilst overseas

  • Sustainable and ethical volunteering projects

  • Gain a qualification from your Gap Year

  • Registered charity, not for profit

“Project Trust gives young people the opportunity to explore the world whilst making a real contribution to the global community. They provide a Gap Year with a conscience, where young people don’t just see a place but become a part of it.”

Lucy, Project Trust Volunteer in Cambodia

Lucy on her Gap Year in Cambodia

Project Trust aims to reflect the diversity of UK society in geographical, social, gender and ethnic background.
Our volunteering experience is open to all young people with the desire, motivation and aptitudes required to succeed.