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Ghana deserves its place in the sun, hailed as West Africa’s golden child. With its welcoming beaches, gorgeous hinterland, rich culture, vibrant cities, diverse wildlife, easy transport and affable inhabitants, it’s no wonder Ghana is sometimes labelled ‘Africa for beginners’. From the bustling streets of Accra to the serene shores of Cape Coast, Ghana beckons with its warm smiles, vibrant traditions, and dynamic spirit. Ghana travel – Lonely Planet | Africa

Volunteering in Ghana, can enable you to have a really immersive experience in a traditional setting, living in an African village learning to cook local food, taking part in traditional festivals and appreciating the benefit of living communally. You will live independently in shared accommodation close to the schools, with fairly simple living amenities. Ewe is the first language of most of their pupils, but all are taught in English.

Volunteers support teaching in Rural Primary and Junior High schools with limited resources, chalk boards and educational materials.

Schools are looking for Volunteers to lead classes in Science, English, Maths and IT. You will be teaching 8–18 year olds but at a fairly basic level.

Classes are generally small and you will get to know your pupils well. There will opportunities to run extra-curricular classes, such as a homework club or reading group. These can really help improve literacy.

The volunteers in Ghana have the opportunity to experience a rural conservative community, and to make a positive impact on the students they teach. They are well supported by their hosts and the local representative, and all the projects are only 3 hours from the cosmopolitan capital Accra.
Travel offers affordability, simplicity, and diversity, encompassing coastal areas teeming with beaches, surfing opportunities, and a vibrant backpacker scene, as well as inland territories boasting rich wildlife, thrilling safaris, and a tapestry of tribal and colonial heritage. To find out more about what volunteer get up to in Ghana visit our Instagram (projecttrust).