How to experience A Year With No Gaps

Project Trust, as an inclusive educational charity, is fully committed to supporting young people aged 17-25 with the desire, motivation, and aptitude required to experience having A Year With No Gaps.

If you want to challenge yourself, learn about the world, and be a positive force within it then keep going – you’re almost there! Completing our online application form means you’ll be in the best position to secure a place on one of our Overseas Volunteering Selection Courses.

Things to consider when applying

  • Applications are open to people between 17 and 25 in the UK, and Europe.

  • Our Volunteers will need to hold a UK or EU passport that’s valid until six months after your scheduled return.

  • Our projects require a minimum education standard of six GCSEs (or equivalent) of grade ‘C’ or above.

  • Be prepared to supply, in your application, your academic achievements, information about extra-curricular activities and interests, and at least 200 words in support of your motivation for really wanting to volunteer overseas.

After applying to Project Trust

If you are successful, we’ll invite you to book on to a Selection Course (please don’t try to book on to a Selection Course until we’ve processed your application).

We look forward to seeing you. And please make sure you follow us on social media to see and share more about what A Year With No Gaps can offer.  

If you have any questions or need any help…

If you are interested in a Gap Year and you are over 25 years of age, visit the Year Out Group website to explore what other opportunities might exist for you.