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From awesome jungle waterfalls to deserted sandy beaches, you’ll never run out of places to explore. Thailand is distinguished as the only South East Asian country never to have been colonized. Buddhism plays a large part in Thai culture, and the opportunity to observe and experience such an old and rich philosophy will play on your curiosity no end.   

  • Placement length: Full & Shorter
  • Programmes: TESOL
  • Volunteers Aged 18 – 25

Thailand is a place typified by beauty, both internal and external from the golden sunsets glimmering on ornate temples and rice fields, to the beautiful people who so caringly welcomed the Volunteers into their homes. Your local community will host you with a strong sense of pride to help you to explore amazing Thai culture and delve below the surface of the popular dishes into the heart of Thai cuisine. Thai people are respectful, peaceful and quick to laugh, making Volunteers feel at ease and an important part of their community.

TESOL Kindergarten

Students attend Kindergarten or ‘anuban’ aged 3-4 years old, before completing a year of pre-school at age 5. You will support the students to develop the building blocks of English Language.

TESOL Primary

You will teach students aged 6-11. There are both opportunities to teach independently with your own classes or support an experienced Thai teacher with English lessons.

TESOL Secondary

Take the lead with the opportunity to teach independently. Plan and deliver English classes to students aged 12-14 and sometimes older!

The Volunteers in Thailand have the opportunity to work with a wide age range of students, teaching English. Strong spoken English skills are often highly praised in Thailand as they lead to greater opportunities in higher education and employment, thus Volunteers with strong English skills or a native tongue are often sought after. Beyond the Volunteer’s role at their project, Thailand has so much to offer though its beautiful landscapes and culture, and great transport links to its neighbouring countries. To find out more about what Volunteers get up to in Thailand visit our Instagram (projecttrust).