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Embarking on a volunteering gap year in Honduras offers an incredible opportunity to discover the beauty and fascination of this vibrant country while fully immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking community.

Though one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, Honduras has a rich cultural history, being home to many Mesoamerican cultures such as Lenca and Mayan civilisations. It is off the well-beaten backpackers trail with communities coming together to warmly welcome you as a Volunteer, who will be a thoroughly appreciated asset to their projects.

Honduras offers the opportunity to live independently with your partner or with a host family, both options will allow you to explore Honduras’ unique culinary identity and the beautiful surroundings. With soaring vistas, valleys and mountain views, covered in lush carpets of green woodlands and agricultural land Honduras provides unending and breath-taking viewpoints.

Bi-Lingual Schools

As a Volunteers in Bi-lingual schools you will teach all subjects in English, except Spanish and Social studies. They also follow the American School Calendar.

Public Schools

As a Volunteer in Public schools you will teach all subjects in Spanish except for English. The schools are typically not as well-resourced and class sizes are larger.

Youth Development

You will be a mentor and role model for young people who have had a difficult start in life and help deliver informal education.

As a Volunteer in Honduras you will have the opportunity to work in Bi-lingual and Public Schools, teaching English and a range of other subjects, or take up a placement in a social care setting to supporting young people who have had a tough start to life. Beyond the Volunteer’s role at their project, Honduras has a vibrant and colourful culture with a unique culinary identity just waiting to be explored. To find out more about what Volunteers get up to in Honduras visit our Instagram (projecttrust).