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Volunteering in Honduras will allow you to get to know a beautiful and fascinating country and immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking community.

Honduras is a relatively small country in Central America, bordered by the more often visited Guatemala and Nicaragua. It receives a bad reputation in the media; however hard work is taking place to turn this around and leaps have been made towards making it the tourist destination it deserves to be.

Though one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, Honduras has a rich cultural history, being home to Mesoamerican cultures such as the Mayan civilisation. It is certainly a treasure that feels undiscovered and off the well-beaten Central American backpackers trail. It is difficult to see why though as this is a stunning country to explore; mountainous and green with a warm tropical climate and warm friendly people.

  • Living in Honduras
    Some of our projects are based in the mountains, hours by dirt track from the nearest city, but with all the amenities you need close at hand. Other projects are coastal, or on the outskirts of larger cities, where at the weekends you may like to walk on the beach or through pretty traditional central squares.

    Volunteers in Honduras live both with host families and in their own apartments. Wherever you are you will be close to a community of teachers or villagers, eager to get to know you and spend time with you. In some of the projects volunteers cook for themselves, but wherever you are, the traditional diet of tortillas, refried beans and cheese is a staple.

  • Volunteering in Honduras
    Honduras has a variety of projects to offer volunteers. In the poorer Lempira District, volunteers teach English in rural village public schools, while in the north and central areas, you might be assisting a form teacher with a primary school class, or taking your own Grade through Middle school in a bilingual school where all subjects are taught in English.

    You may be in charge of creating an English curriculum, with creative, engaging lessons or you might be working more with individuals, ensuring you tailor their learning to help them develop.

  • What you can offer?
    Honduran Volunteers need to be adaptable and open to things changing or for the need to push to get things done. You will need to be aware of cultural sensitivities but there is scope to achieve big things if you are proactive and put your mind to it. You will face challenges in language barriers and work with children from a variety of backgrounds so you will need to be resilient and hardworking.

    You will have to be responsible in the classroom, acting as a teacher and role model for the young people you work with.

  • What will you gain?
    While living and volunteering in Honduras, you will have the opportunity to learn and improve your Spanish, speaking it every day. Whatever your project, there is scope to set up clubs of your interest, or to initiate much sought after English clubs for adults and other members of the community.