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A placement in Cambodia with Project Trust is an incredibly rewarding experience, offering plenty of opportunity to bring your own skills and interests to a project.

After the traumas of a civil war in the early 1970s followed by the brutal Khmer Rouge period, Cambodia is now emerging as a modern nation with a fast-growing economy and an increasing presence on the international stage. Challenges remain, of course: the country is still one of the poorest in Southeast Asia, education and health levels are low, and there is a wide gap between rich and poor, but progress in these areas is being made slowly. It is home to the fabled temples of Angkor, tropical islands and beaches, beguiling countryside and a friendly and welcoming people.

  • Living in Cambodia
    Our projects in Cambodia are based in two regions with some Volunteers living in and around Siem Reap, near the breathtaking ancient temples of Angkor, and the others being in the more laid back coastal south. A bicycle is likely to be your mode of transport and you will make your way down dusty roads flanked by paddy fields.

    In terms of travel Cambodia has much to offer, you will have plenty opportunity during your year to explore this fascinating country.

  • Volunteering in Cambodia
    The projects in Cambodia are predominantly TESOL.

    This means that as a Volunteer, you will need to be enthusiastic, positive and warm. Speaking English offers many young people the opportunity to work with tourists and really opens doors to your students.

  • What you can offer?
    Cambodia Volunteers must be hardworking and pragmatic. You will face challenging situations and work with children who live in poverty. Your students lives may have been impacted by HIV/AIDS and you need to emotionally resilient.

    You need to be responsible, acting as a teacher and role model for the young people you work with. Good teaching abilities, sports and creativity are useful.

  • What will you gain?
    Volunteers in Cambodia have the opportunity to learn the language, Khmer.

    It is also possible to set up extra-curricular activities at your projects. Whatever your skill, there will be scope to share it in Cambodia.