Over 50 Years of Global Volunteering

Project Trust has 50 years’ experience of providing Gap Year opportunities for young people. Since 1967, over 8000 Project Trust volunteers have challenged themselves, learnt about the world and discovered how to be a positive force within it… Now it’s your turn to empower yourself and explore your potential.

Where will you go?


Volunteer in Africa with Project Trust

We have Gap Year placements in Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa and Zambia.

Asia & Oceania

  • Project Trust Gap Year, China
  • Project Trust Gap Year, Japan
  • Project Trust Gap Year, Malaysia
  • Project Trust Gap Year, Thailand

Volunteer in Asia or Oceania

We have Gap Year placements in Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Solomon Islands and Thailand.


  • Project Trust Gap Year in Chile
  • Project Trust Gap Year in Honduras

Volunteer in Latin America

Project Trust has Gap Year placements in Chile, Dominican Republic and Honduras.

Your Best Year


Live independently and explore your potential – with Project Trust.

If you are aged 17-25 and live in the UK, Ireland, or Europe then a Project Trust adventure could be your opportunity to challenge yourself, explore the world, and be a positive force within it.

Spending up to 12 months on placement means you will have a positive impact within your host community and share your learning and understanding. In doing so, you will develop your confidence through teaching, learning, and sharing skills – whilst building lasting friendships.

Project Trust has 50 years’ experience of providing Gap Year opportunities for young people. Now it’s your turn to empower yourself, explore your potential, and discover how you can have a year with no gaps.

Gap Year 2021/22

Just finished school, apprenticeship or degree? Looking for a university year abroad placement? Keen for an exciting new cultural experience?

We are now recruiting for our 2021/22 Gap Year Programme. Apply Now to avoid disappointment…

If you have any enquirers or want to know more Contact Us.

What are people saying…

In a time when walls are rising and borders are closing and minds are shutting, the more people we have who are embedded in an understanding that we are all part of the world and that we have to find a way to live together and understand other parts of the world, the better.

Project Trust is an amazing organisation for embedding that in the consciousness of people at a very, very important time in their lives.”

Gary Younge, Volunteer in Sudan 1986/87

“It is a huge privilege working with such inspirational young people knowing that, in so many ways, we are helping to develop a generation of global citizens who develop a deep understanding of some complex global issues. And, more importantly, following their time spent overseas, who go on to make a real difference and campaign for social justice.”

Ingrid Emerson MBE, Project Trust’s Chief Executive

“You learn loads about yourself, other people and other cultures which you wouldn’t experience on shorter placements or just travelling.”

Rebecca, Volunteer in South Africa 2011/12

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