Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are part of Melanesia, a sub region of Oceania (and occasionally Australasia) extending from the western end of the Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea, and eastward to Fiji. The region also includes Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.

There are 6 major islands and many hundreds of smaller ones. Guadalcanal is the principal island of the nation. During 1942–43 it was the scene of the Guadalcanal Campaign, and saw bitter fighting between Japanese and US troops; the Americans were ultimately victorious.

At the end of the war, Honiara, on the north coast of Guadalcanal, became the new capital of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Guadalcanal is mainly covered in dense tropical rainforest and it has a mountainous interior. It has a population of some 60,0000 inhabitants.

Self government was achieved in 1976 with full independence following 2 years later.

In terms of GDP it is a poor country with many in the population relying on a subsistence economy as there is very little in the way of industry and employment.

The best description of the atmosphere and people is old fashioned. Very understated, certainly not given to effusive outbursts, there is however a ready smile and walking along the bustling main street lots of greetings. What is really refreshing is that there is no agenda, no hassling or trying to rip you off. Any food for sale is accompanied by a piece of cardboard with the prices written. This is what you pay.

The experience of Volunteers has been very positive. Community engagement, particularly through the church enables Volunteers to experience firsthand the traditions and lifestyle of these most generous of people.

The potential role of the Volunteer is pretty much limitless. Key areas are English, Maths, IT but Science, Geography and History are also possibilities. Where schools have campuses with Primary and preschool elements, Volunteers can be involved in the full spectrum of education.

Extracurricular opportunities abound with sport, particularly basket ball and rugby, dance, drama are all areas which volunteers have been involved.

Your time spent living in this unique island archipelago will leave a long lasting impression, primarily the hospitality and welcome afforded to Volunteers combined with travel through some very remote and stunningly beautiful communities. The skills you will learn from teaching, the friends you will make and the attitude of the people you live with make the Solomon Islands a fascinating Country to volunteer in.

Projects available in the Solomon Islands

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Peter Wilson
Peter WilsonCountry Coordinator for Solomon Islands

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