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International Placement

A year with no gaps…

Project Trust has over 50 years’ experience of providing international volunteering opportunities for young people. Since 1967, over 8000 Project Trust Volunteers have explored their potential, learned from another culture and contributed to an international community.

You will spend up to 12 months living and volunteering in Africa, Asia or Latin America, in a role matched to the skills and potential you can bring to the community.

What support will you have?

Volunteering with Project Trust is the adventure of a lifetime. The challenges and experiences you face will give you the opportunity to learn and grow with support as you need it. Whether you are looking for guidance and advice, help with a practical problem or in an emergency, Project Trust has an extensive support network and over 50 years’ experience working with young people.

Student or Graduate?

We take pride in getting to know you, what you have learned in your degree and supporting you to apply this to a Project Trust placement. We will also support you in setting up your own projects, where you can further utilise your degree to add value in your host community.

  • Project Partner

    You will live and volunteer with another Project Trust Volunteer. Together you will share the experiences and challenges of your international placement and support each other as you learn about your new environment.

    If you’re a slightly older Volunteer (aged 20-25) or a student or a graduate, we will ensure you are partnered with a volunteer who is similar in age.

  • Project Host

    Your Host is responsible for your day-to-day welfare, where you live and the volunteering you do. Hosts are members of the local community and are your main point of contact for guidance on everyday matters and concerns, as well as being a good source of information on the local area and community.

  • International Representative

    Your Representative is someone who lives in the country, understands the culture and speaks the language, and can offer expert advice. The Representative arranges the logistics of your arrival in country, including a short induction, and assists you with onward travel to your placement. Representatives are also on hand to assist with an emergency or crisis.

  • Country Coordinator

    Your Country Coordinator is a member of the International Programme team based at our headquarters in the UK. They will work with you during your Training Course, provide pre-departure support, and offer guidance during your placement.

What is expected of you?

You will be expected to behave in a safe, responsible and conscientious way at all times. You will be asked to abide by our Code of Conduct and we will provide training and support to ensure you are able to do this.

What if things go wrong?

You will receive training on how to stay safe and keep healthy abroad. Our placements are risk-assessed and we have incident response plans in place to manage problems if they do arise. Volunteers are covered by comprehensive travel and medical insurance and both Project Trust and our Medical Assistance Partner operate 24-hour emergency lines, so you can always reach someone in case of emergency.