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Anlo Awoame Fia Basic School, Keta District

You will be teaching at Anlo Awome Fia Basic School in Anyako. Located 15km from Abor in Southern Ghana. 

Your Project

Anlo Awaome Fia Basic School is located on the mainland next to the island town of Anyako on the Keta Lagoon. It consists of a Kindergarden, Primary and Basic School (junior high). There are roughly 400 children ranging from age 4 to 18 and about 15 teachers.   

You will be teaching English as well as other subjects including Maths, Science, ICT, Life Skills and running extra-curricular clubs. Volunteers usually teach at the Junior High School (Basic School) where they teach classes of around 30-35 students aged 11-18. Though, previous volunteers have split their time between Basic School and Primary School and have both the flexibility and responsibility.You will be provided with textbooks that you can use to plan and prepare lessons, delivering the whole syllabus. 

In the primary school, taking on classes can mean quite a variety of things, depending on your interest and the needs of the students. Basic literacy is a challenge for the younger students, who often been taught in both English and Ewe. Volunteers in recent years have run reading clubs to assist children who are struggling at school.  

Extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged at both schools; there are opportunities for football and netball Ultimately it will be up to you to fill your timetable full of lessons and activities. 


You will live in a small apartment where you and your partner will share a bedroom. There is a toilet and shower room which is shared with other residents in the apartment. Living conditions in Ghana as basic and you will be cooking outside or on the veranda using a gas stove and using a bucket shower to wash.  

Your living allowance provided is by Project Trust and will cover your daily living costs. 

Important Information

The following pages contain important information relating to your Volunteer placement. Please make sure you read them thoroughly.