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Basic Disclosure

You are required to obtain a basic disclosure certificate prior to going abroad. To comply with our safeguarding commitments, it is essential that Project Trust receives a copy of this certificate before your departure flight.

A basic disclosure is a criminal record check. If you have no criminal convictions, the certificate will show this. If you have any ‘unspent’ criminal convictions (ie convictions you are required to declare), these will be shown on the certificate. This information is required to volunteer with Project Trust.

The application process can be lengthy so please apply online immediately. If you have recently completed a disclosure application, Project Trust will accept the disclosure certificate if it is less than three months old.

Once you have obtained the certificate, you must scan a copy to Project Trust immediately and bring the original with you to your training course. The certificate is often needed to obtain a visa so please take a photocopy of it before sending it away with your visa application.

Regardless of where you are based in the UK, you must use the instructions below to obtain your certificate. Please note that Project Trust cannot accept PVG scheme certificates as these are not recognised internationally. If you are not a UK citizen, please contact Project Trust’s International Programme team (01879 230444) as soon as possible for further instruction.

  • How to apply for a basic disclosure certificate online
    • Go to the Disclosure Scotland Application Page
    • Read the instructions on the page carefully.  Ensure you have the details required to hand and your card ready for payment
    • Select APPLY NOW
    • If at any point you are asked ‘is the basic disclosure to be sent to an employer?‘ you should select NO

    Once you have received your basic disclosure certificate you must scan a copy to, then bring with the original certificate with you to your training course.

    If you have any questions, please phone Disclosure Scotland on 0300 020 0040 in the first instance.

    If your query cannot be answered by Disclosure Scotland, please contact Project Trust on 01879 230444.