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Basic Disclosure

Once you have obtained the basic disclosure certificate, please scan a copy to Project Trust and bring the original with you to your training course.  

No matter your location within the UK, you must follow the instructions provided below to apply. If you are not a UK citizen, you should immediately contact the International Programme team at Project Trust (01879 230 444) for additional guidance.

  • How to apply for a basic disclosure certificate online
    • Go to Disclosure Scotland Application
    • Read the instructions on the page carefully. Ensure you have the details required to hand and your card ready for payment.
    • SelectAPPLY NOW.
    • If at any point you are asked is the basic disclosure to be sent to an employer’ selectNO.

    Once you have received your basic disclosure certificate, please scan a copy then bring the original certificate with you to your training course. 

    For any inquiries, initially call Disclosure Scotland at 0300 020 0040. If they cannot resolve your query, contact Project Trust at 01879 230444.