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Akatsi ARS Basic School, Akatsi District

You will be teaching at Akatsi ARS Basic School, in the Volta region in Southern Ghana.  

Your Project

Akatsi is a small town located about an hour from the coast of Ghana, the town is a little off the main highway that links Accra to the border of Togo. Though it is the biggest town in the area it is still very rural, and many smaller, more rural villages branch off the main road. The market is just a 15-minute walk from your accommodation.  

Akatsi ARS Basic School consists of a kindergarten, primary and junior school. It is funded by the government, so students attend for free. As a church school, you are required to be sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the institution and Christian values.  

You will be teaching English as well as other subjects like Maths, ICT, and Life Skills in the primary school and this year the Volunteers have been supporting in kindergarten. In the primary school, taking on classes can mean quite a variety of things, depending on your interest and the needs of the students. Basic literacy is a challenge for the younger students, who are taught in both English and Ewe. This years Volunteers have run reading clubs to assist children who are struggling at school. Extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged; there are opportunities with football, netball and other sports. This project demands dedication, initiative and creativity. Ultimately it will be up to you to fill your timetable full of lessons and activities. 


You will be living in a compound next door to the headmaster and his family. Although basic you will have a shared room, your own bathroom, and basic living room and an area to cook. There is a fan and fridge.   

Your living allowance is provided by Project Trust and will cover your daily living costs 

Important Information

The following pages contain important information relating to your Volunteer placement. Please make sure you read them thoroughly.