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Agornu Akporkplorte MA Basic School, Akatsi District

You will be based in a small rural village only a short ride along a small track from the provincial capital, Akatsi.

Your Project

The village has a close community feel and is surrounded by the thick, green bush and rolling hills that are characteristic of the Volta region. The village is remote and while some business takes place in Akatsi, the majority of the villagers depend on farming for their income and sustenance. You can expect a basic standard of living with the most basic of facilities, the norm for local people. 

In the village, there is one school, Agornu Akporkplorte MA Basic School, which is made up of the Primary and Junior High School (JHS) blocks. It is a small government school with around 190 students in total. Volunteers are teaching in the Upper Primary school (P4, 5, 6) and have the opportunity to teach English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Creative Arts in their given class. There is also the opportunity to teach extra classes in JHS and provide help with their English. 

In the primary school, taking on classes can mean quite a variety of things, depending on your interest and the needs of the students. Basic literacy is a challenge for the younger students, who often have incorporated learning for the first three years of primary school with a combination of English and Ewe spoken in the classroom. 

Extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged at both schools; there are opportunities for football and other sports, a reading club as well as helping with homework. This project demands dedication, initiative and creativity. Ultimately it will be up to you to fill your timetable full of lessons and activities. 


You will live in the village in a room adjoined to a larger house that belongs to the landlord. It is a basic room with a bed and storage facilities. You will have access to a small kitchen where you can store food, but you will mostly cook outside. Your bathroom facilities will be basic. There is currently a new house which has been built for volunteers so there is a possibility you will stay there instead.

Your living allowance provided by Project Trust will cover your daily living costs.

Important Information

The following pages contain important information relating to your Volunteer placement. Please make sure you read them thoroughly.