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Excel Primary School, Mangochi District

You will be teaching at Excel Primary School on the south west shore of beautiful Lake Malawi. 

Your Project

Mangochi is a district at the south of Lake Malawi which encompasses several towns and villages. Volunteers live in an area called Makawa, around a 30-minute drive from Mangochi town, where you can access larger supermarkets and shops. However, in Makawa there is a large market where you can find fruit, vegetables and most other essentials. 

Excel Primary School opened in 2018 and is a privately owned school which aims to support students by having smaller classes than the typical government schools in Malawi. You can expect to be teaching classes of around 15-40 students. There are around 300 pupils at the school from kindergarten to standard (grade) 7. Students learn a range of subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Expressive Art, Life Skills and Social Studies. You will be able to decide which classes you wish to teach based on your skills. There is a curriculum and textbooks to support your lesson planning, but volunteers are encouraged to be creative with their teaching methods and include lots of games and engaging activities.  

You will also have the opportunity to set up extra-curricular clubs for children at the school and in the local area.  


You and your partner will live in a house in the village, your house has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Accommodation in Malawi is fairly basic, but you will have everything you need. You will have access to running water and electricity and apart from lunch, which is provided by the school, you will cook all other meals yourselves.  

Your living allowance provided by Project Trust will cover your daily living costs. 

Important Information

The following pages contain important information relating to your Volunteer placement. Please make sure you read them thoroughly.