Outdoor Education Gap Year

What’s involved?

If you are fit, active and love the outdoors, check out our Outdoor Education projects. You will be involved in running courses for people of all ages and backgrounds and one of your main goals will be to improve the self-confidence of the participants as well as encouraging teamwork and trust. Courses and work schedules are often very physically and mentally challenging for both staff and students so be ready to get stuck in!

The breadth of experience in a range of activities that you gain over the year is quite astonishing. It will be particularly useful for anyone interested in instructing, group leading or being involved in adventurous jobs in the future. The different projects vary, but you can be involved on any given day with activities such as kayaking, wall climbing, trekking, sailing, rafting or leading team games. You receive training in all areas of the project, so be ready to muck in with equipment maintenance and getting up early to set up activities, as well as learning first aid and safety procedures.

What will I gain?

Experience, qualifications, leadership and organisation skills, confidence leading groups of young people and the ability to build trust in those around you of your responsibility and expertise.

Outward Bound Volunteering in Hong Kong

Outdoor Education Volunteering in Hong Kong

What skills do I need?

  • Leadership – You’ll take the lead with groups of excited children.
  • Energy & Enthusiasm – You’ll need to want to get in the water on a rainy day, or motivate kids to climb when they’re scared.
  • Practical Experience – Some is useful and you’ll need to be confident in your first aid and lifesaving skills.
  • The ability to follow instructions – You will often be in environments where you need to act safely.
  • A willingness to learn – You will be surrounded by experts in the field and opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Where can I volunteer?

Outward Bound Project in South Africa

“Project Trust has allowed me to achieve what I thought I would never achieve and taught me that you have to make the most of every opportunity.”

Linsey, Project Trust Volunteer in South Africa

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