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Mentor Pack

Welcome to your digital Project Trust Mentor Information Pack to help you along the Mentoring journey.

Bookmark this page! In the pages below, you will find all the information you need to participate in the Mentor Scheme. This information is only available to our Mentors and so it is not available via the rest of our website or search engines.

  1. Complete the Mentor Training
  2. Complete the Mentor Charter and Basic Disclosure
  3. Mentee Matching: We will match you with a Mentee and share their contact details for you to get in touch. Then it’s down to you and your Mentee to follow the Timeline shown in training.

Mentor Training

All you need to know and review to get started Mentoring.

Fundraising Pack

Here’s our Volunteer’s Fundraising Pack so we’re all on the same page.

News & Resources

Stay up to date with all things Project Trust.

Top Tips for Mentoring

Be approachable and friendly as it’s likely your Mentee is feeling pretty nervous about meeting you!

Listen more, talk less, and encourage your Mentee to share their ideas and concerns with you.

Use the Volunteers fundraising timeline and contact your Mentee at key points.

Set a conversation topic ahead of each meeting, to help the Mentee bring relevant questions to make the most of your time.

Work with your Mentee to set targets and expectations in each meeting.

Stay in touch with your Mentee and contact your Mentee just before key holidays or events to ensure that they are on target..

Thanks from Project Trust’s CEO

There is perhaps nothing as rewarding as working closely with an individual to support them to learn a skill, complete a task, develop themselves, or fulfil their potential. Your role as a Mentor will be to join together with us in supporting young people at the very start of their Project Trust journey.

As you know yourself there are many challenges or barriers to be overcome after attending Selection and being offered an international placement.

Personal, cultural, financial and many other hurdles can prevent young people from applying to Project Trust, let alone getting on the plane to head internationally.

We are determined to minimise these barriers and provide appropriate support to help young people overcome them. I also hope that you will see your role as a Project Trust Mentor as the continuation of your own journey of growth and development with Project Trust as well as supporting the next generation of Volunteers.

Ingrid Emerson MBE, Chief Executive

Why Volunteers choose to Mentor with Project Trust

Since 2017, we have offered each young person that volunteers with Project Trust access to a Return Volunteer Mentor.

We know our Volunteers benefit from the advice and guidance of their Mentor, but there’s also a lot of benefit to be had by the Mentor. We asked our Mentors who have participated in the scheme to share with us why they chose to give their time. Here are some of their responses:

“I am a big advocate of taking time out of mainstream education to experience other aspects of life. My year away with PT helped shape me into the person I am today and I wanted to help other young people on their road to doing the same.”

~ Charlie, Guyana 2007/08

“I had a mentor during my project trust experience and he was so helpful. He was always there when I needed it and I said to my family and friends, when I finish my year away I want to do the same thing for someone who is going through what I am.”

~ Skye, Ghana 2021/22

“I remember feeling apprehensive about starting fundraising – I remember feeling very daunted but I got there in the end and had one of the best years of my life – I definitely came back a different person so anything I can do to help others have that opportunity is great!”

~ Lucy, India 2018/19