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Interview Pack

Volunteering for up to a year is a challenge and an adventure.

Our Selection process allows you to get to know Project Trust and the opportunities we offer. It also gives us the opportunity to get to know your skills and interests and assess which volunteering experience from our range of placements could be right for you.

During your Selection interview, you will be required to deliver a 10-minute presentation to Project Trust staff.

What we wish to achieve

We are looking for you to share your awareness and understanding of an issue that matters to you. This will indicate how your awareness will develop abroad when immersed in a culture and community different to the one you are used to.

Presentation topic: what matters to you?

We are interested in your:

  • ability to gather accurate information
  • awareness of your surroundings
  • ability to make observations and deductions based on these
  • ability to question the issue
  • ability to give a structured, coherent, and original presentation

Please stick to your 10 minute allocated slot.

We are looking for a structured presentation without the use of PowerPoint or other visual aids.  This will enable us to see how you communicate information to a group.

Reflect on and research an issue that matters to you.

10 Presentation Tips

Please complete and submit:

Please note, we are unable to confirm offer of a placement until all required information is received.