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Parent Power Helps Access Fund Relaunch

News Story: Parent Power Helps Access Fund Relaunch

Speaking about her motivations for donating, Sarah said:  

Volunteering with Project Trust is such a fantastic opportunity to go to another country and adapt to life and another culture. My daughter, Susie, had an amazing experience in Malawi, unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19.  

As a mother, it was daunting to see my daughter travel to a country I knew little about – but in hindsight it was one of the best decisions we made.  

The communities within which Susie and her Project Trust Partners Ellie Mackenzie and Morgan Henderson (pictured) were placed had very little in comparison to our standard of living but everyone was happy, welcoming, and generous. While the conditions were basic and not always easy for the Volunteers, they did adapt. 

Susie, Ellie, and Morgan spent most of their time at the BAHASI Community Organisation where they helped at the orphanage nursery and assisted the older children with their homework when they came back from school. There was also a tailoring project teaching skills to women who had lost their husbands to Aids so they could work and support their families; and another group set up to help women suffering from HIV/AIDS learn about ways to better cope with their mental and physical health. 

Susie’s placement had a massive effect on herself, the community in which she volunteered, and ourselves as a family. We still keep in touch with BAHASI Community Organisation today. 

During their stay with us, Susie, Ellie, and Morgan worked tirelessly and managed to source funds and materials both from within Malawi and outside the country to support BAHASI. They spent time with our children helping them with their homework and teaching our preschool. They managed to organise various educational trips and entertainment for our children. Unfortunately, they have to leave us to go back home to the UK due to the Covid-19 crisis. We will really miss them and wish them all the best. We hope to see you again soon Susie, Ellie, and Morgan! 

Together, you added £6,000 to the Access Fund on Day 8 of the Christmas Appeal 2020 which will now help empower the next generation of global citizens. 

Age 17-25 or know someone who is? Find out more about the benefits of international volunteering with Project Trust (and chat to us today)Read more about the Access Fund Relaunch 

Chat to the team about Access Fund support:

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  • Use the webchat Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

BAHASI, which stands for Bangwe HIV and AIDS Self Help Initiative, is a community organisation based in Bangwe, Malawi with whom Project Trust partnered. BAHASI deliver services for vulnerable children under five including those who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or are themselves suffering the disease. BAHASI also provide home-based care and run support groups to community members affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as working within the local community to raise awareness of, and educate about how to prevent and counter, environmental degradation. 

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