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What is Project Trust?

This is our Vision…

Our vision is generations of empowered young people who are responsible and active global citizens.

This is our Mission…

Through a long-term international volunteering experience, Project Trust empowers young people to develop their confidence, resilience, awareness and leadership skills. Engaging in cross-cultural exchange, our Volunteers have a positive impact within host communities and share their learning and understanding when they return.

The Original Gap Year Charity

Project Trust has been organising long-term placements for young people since 1967, making us the most experienced educational charity specialising in international youth volunteering.

We offer young people aged 17-25 in the UK and Europe the opportunity to explore their potential through a teaching or youth development placement in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

In collaboration with our international partners, we select placements designed to ensure our Volunteers’ skills can be put to good use, make a real contribution in their host communities and do not take work away from local people.

Project Trust’s Returned Volunteers are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge and cultural understanding upon their return home.