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Baan Faidinsor

You will be teaching English in a school for primary and secondary aged students. The school is located in the beautiful Khon San district. Khon San is nestled between several large, forested hills that make for stunning views. 

Your Project

Khon San is rural with a strong sense of community. The area is largely made up of farming families. It is located in the north of the Chaiyaphum province in central north-eastern Thailand. This region is also known as Isaan and has its own unique culture, language and identity within the country. It has strong influences from neighbouring countries and the language is closer to Laos than Bangkok Thai. 

Faidinsor Municipal School is the largest in the area with several hundred primary and secondary students. Your role will be supporting students on the MEP (Mini English Programme). You will work with a variety of ages from 4-15 with class sizes usually no bigger than 20. You may be required to lead some classes yourself but other times you will act as an assistant to the Thai teacher. You will follow a curriculum and use your creativity to plan engaging lessons for your students. The staff are friendly and helpful which creates a great teaching environment. 

Volunteers often get involved in extracurricular activities at the school or support local students with extra tutoring. You will also have a generous holiday period, both to explore the country but also to become immersed in Thai life in other ways.


You will be living in a 3-bedroom hut on the school grounds. It has a kitchen, bathroom and spacious bedrooms. Volunteers enjoy cooking their own meals but are often invited to locals houses for dinner or bought food by their fellow teachers. You will have access to bicycles to be able to explore the area and visit the markets.  

Your living allowance provided by Project Trust will cover your daily living costs. 

Important Information

The following pages contain important information relating to your Volunteer placement. Please make sure you read them thoroughly.