Gap Year in Zambia
Gap Year in Zambia
Gap Year Zambia

Zambia Gap Year

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A Zambia Gap Year with Project Trust is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, integrate into a rural community, adapt to a more basic lifestyle and immerse yourself into a fascinating country.

Volunteer in Zambia

Project Trust first sent Volunteers on Zambia Gap Year placements in 1973 and our Overseas Director, John Fraser, was a Volunteer there himself in the 1970s. After quite a long period of not having projects in Zambia, four eight month Volunteers were placed there in 2014.

Volunteers teach English, Science and Maths in secondary schools. Being based in rural communities and schools means Volunteers in Zambia have to be prepared to adapt to living in basic accommodation (bucket showers, pumping your own water, irregular electricity) and teaching with limited resources.

Project Trust Volunteer teaching on Zambia Gap Year

Volunteer teaching on Zambia Gap Year

Why volunteer in Zambia?

The rural population in Zambia has a strong desire to gain an education which could lead to future employment. English is Zambia’s official language, and most people speak it to a basic level, but the population consists of 73 ethnic groups with nine main indigenous languages. As a native or fluent English speaker you will be a valuable resource to the school you are placed in and you will add value to the provision of English teaching in your community.

During your time as a Volunteer in Zambia, you’ll see your students become more proficient in the subjects you’re teaching, prepare them for sitting their exams and share in their successes. Your work will be continued by the next Project Trust Volunteers in your project, continuing and increasing the positive impact on your host community every year.

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Zambia Gap Year highlights…

“Project Trust offers a more personal and unique experience.”

Luke, Zambia Gap Year Volunteer

Zambia Gap Year Stories

  • Zambia Gap Year with Project Trust

Five things John Fraser learned in Zambia

February 3rd, 2015|Comments Off on Five things John Fraser learned in Zambia

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