A year overseas at a young age can be extremely daunting and come with all sorts of challenges. This World Mental Health Day we reached out to our Volunteers – past, present and future – to share their top tips and advice on well-being and self care during their year with Project Trust.

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“Make sure your partner(s) know what you do when you’re not feeling great so that they can keep an eye out for it.”

Nik, China 18/19

“It is 100% okay not to be okay! Talk with someone about how you are feeling and you will feel better. Don’t be too hard on yourself – you are young and doing an amazing thing with your year abroad that can be overwhelming.”

Charlie, Thailand 17/18

“Get up at 5:30 to do taekwando.”

Oscar, Nepal 18/19

“Exercise, exercise, exercise! ”

John, South Africa 18/19

“Remember that you managed to raise £6,200 all by yourself and that you deserve to enjoy what comes next.”

Elise, Thailand 17/18

“Write a diary! Not only can you unload emotionally but you can see how much you’ve changed and grown.”

Rose, India 12/13

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“Be sure to talk about it with someone. It doesn’t matter who – talking about things always helps.”

Iain, South Africa 18/19

“You’re not failing if you feel really tired and overwhelmed – or just need chocolate.”

Josie, Senegal 15/16

“Embrace everything around you. Find a positive thought for every negative situation you’re in.”

Kayleigh, South Africa 17/18

“Be honest with your partners. There’s no shame in admitting you’re struggling and they might be feeling the same way.”

Ellie, South Africa 15/16

“Make plans so you are always looking forward to something exciting and not dwelling on bad thoughts.”

Cielo, Honduras 17/18

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“Being overseas can be tough – but remember why you were so driven to go in the first place.”

Nicole, Sri Lanka 15/16

“Indulge in your favourite local food and spend some time around nature and trees. And change the scenery – visit your friends’ projects for the weekend and come back refreshed.”

Tom, China 15/16

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Nici, Thailand 06/07

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