Wawee! It’s world creativity and innovation week

This week is World Creativity and Innovation Week. Two Project Trust volunteers, Jadine and Kathryn in Wawee, Thailand, got creative with their calendar and marked the week a bit early, running events including dance, story-telling, arts and crafts and more. Here’s Jadine to tell us more:
Every morning in assembly we taught a few moves from a style of dance such as salsa, hip hop, ballet, Greek and then finished with a small ceilidh demonstration on the Friday (which is harder to explain than we thought!).

Then we ran a ‘funny falang’ competition throughout the week in which students could draw, write, make a comic strip or anything they wanted about what they thought was funny about foreigners…we meant it in general but ended up with a lot of crazy drawings of Kathryn and I which was quite hilarious.

Funny Falang Pillows

We also had a session every lunch time for creative painting, where each year group had their own big canvas which they could add too. We set the theme as ‘dreams and ambitions’ we taught this topic to the older students as part of the week.

In the evenings we put on activities for the dormitory kids like making bracelets and making a wish tree. We got the kids to make ‘I can be a…’ posters and then took photos of the kids holding up their dreams. Finally we made photo frames to put their photos in once we get them printed.

Pupils work on a poster as part of creativity and innovation week

By the end we were so inspired by the enthusiasm that all the dorm kids had that we want to start running weekly activities for them. We are thinking of helping them write letters and folding them in an origami type envelope way and posting them to their families around the mountain this week.