Gap Year Teaching in Secondary Schools

What’s involved?

Secondary school is often seen as the most crucial and demanding time of a student’s academic career. If you have been particularly successful during your time in secondary school in ICT, Maths or Science, you can use your natural flair to spend your Gap Year teaching dynamic and interesting lessons at our secondary school projects.

Our Volunteer teaching programme in Secondary Schools often involves teaching large classes of students from the age of 13 to 18 in a wide range of countries. We are looking for those who are passionate about their subjects and have the confidence to share this knowledge with students only a few years younger than themselves.

Often, the schools which our volunteers teach in are lacking text books, an established curriculum and teaching aids such as past papers. Therefore, it is really important that our Volunteers are resourceful, show high levels of initiative and are ready to put in the effort to find the most effective way to teach. Could you create a complex and challenging lesson with limited resources? The most successful teachers are those who have a real passion and interest in their subject and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with a new generation.

What will I gain?

If you want to put your subject knowledge to good use and discover how you will successfully teach when faced with a lack of resources, but with the freedom to plan your own lesson, then why not challenge yourself with secondary teaching.

The experience will give you a wealth of skills in time management, confidence, adaptability and organisation.

Volunteer teaching in a Ghana Secondary School

Secondary School teaching in Ghana

What skills do I need?

  • Commitment – Good lessons where students learn and behaviour is respectful takes time, consistency and dedication. It won’t be instant.
  • Creativity – Some ICT teachers will need to teach the subject without a computer!
  • Adaptability – You may be asked to teach a class or subject you haven’t taught before – how do you plan a lesson with 10 minutes to spare to a class you know nothing about?
  • Organisation – You will need to plan and prepare for a range of classes and abilities.
  • A sense of humour and a thick skin!

Where can I volunteer?

Volunteer Teaching in Ghana
Volunteer Teaching in South Africa
Volunteer Teaching in Zambia
Volunteer Teaching in India
Volunteer Teaching in Guyana

“I think I was more than a teacher to some of the students, I was a friend and a mentor as well and I think that was very valuable.”

Chris, volunteer teacher in Guyana

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