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Fundraising to support your travel overseas with Project Trust to enhance the lives of others’, while immersing yourself in a different culture, is more than a fun experience, it’s an opportunity to continue to learn and develop skills for life.

And you won’t be alone – Project Trust’s dedicated Fundraising Support Team has helped thousands of Fundraising Volunteers reach their goals. And we’re ready to help you achieve the same. Project Trust receives no government funding and relies on the efforts of our Fundraising Volunteers to ensure that we continue to provide a fulfilling gap year experience.

The Project Trust staff team and over 8,000 Returned Volunteers also contribute to the costs of you spending up to a year overseas by taking on their own fundraising activities –  We subsidise every Volunteer’s year by several hundred pounds.

Comprehensive Support

Thousands of Volunteers before you have reached their fundraising goals and our Fundraising Support team, mentors, and toolkits are all available to support and guide you to achieve the same.

Although not a requirement, you might already have some experience of fundraising. Whether you do or don’t, we will guide you through the steps so you can develop your own Fundraising Strategy, uniquely tailored to your strengths and opportunities. This is supplemented by a comprehensive fundraising advice pack, with our dedicated Fundraising Support team always on hand by email or the phone  to help you progress through your fundraising journey.

Additionally, every Fundraising Volunteer has access to a Project Trust Returned Volunteer mentor. Having completed the challenge of fundraising themselves, they are  keen to give any advice, food for thought, confidence, or motivation you find you might need.

Find out more about Project Trust’s Mentoring Scheme.

Fundraising Targets

At the start, raising the funds for a Project Trust Gap Year may seem to be more challenging than the year itself, but it needs many of the same skills and attitudes – determination, initiative, optimism, resilience, curiosity and perseverance.

By fundraising to Volunteer overseas, young people we work with learn, develop, and enhance these skills that they will use overseas and beyond, in the next stages of life. This includes planning and organisational skills, the ability to complete detailed application forms and write formal letters, maintain accurate record-keeping, and build confidence while practising presenting to different groups of people.

Many parents, guardians and young people themselves are amazed at what Project Trust Volunteers achieve – even before they embark on their placement!

Length of Placement

Fundraising Target

8 months£6,250
12 months£6,950

What’s included?

We offer our volunteers all the necessary support and resources required for them to strive at their project. Project Trust will make all necessary arrangements for your travel to and from your placement from the UK (usually London). We additionally provide our Volunteers with comprehensive medical insurance to ensure you are in safe hands while overseas.

You will be invited to our selection, training & debriefing courses with our experienced staff, each with the primary focus of empowering to strive and make a positive impact.

We offer support to our volunteers the whole way through their volunteer journey giving you the support to succeed. From our staff based on Coll to our overseas partnerships and representatives were all here to support you. Accommodation will be provided for all volunteers along with catered meals or the provisions, along with a living allowance to cover standard living costs.

Volunteer Fundraising Support

Nic Smith
Nic SmithSenior Volunteer Fundraising Officer

You will be supported through your fundraising by one of our dedicated personal support officers. They are on hand to give you sage advice on how to maximise your fundraising potential. Listen to them and keep them in the loop with your fundraising activities.

Are there any additional costs?

You will be expected to fund journeys from your home to Oban and back for Selection, Training and Debriefing. Information on how to get the best deal to Oban can be found here. Project Trust pays for the cost of the ferry crossing to Coll.

You will also need to pay for your own visa which could cost up to £250, your medical examination and inoculations, and equip yourself for the year with clothing. You might, for example, have to buy a sleeping bag or rucksack.

Throughout the year you will need some spending money (for your long holidays), around £1,000 would be an average sum, but this can vary depending upon which country you go to. Project Trust does not encourage you to take too much money overseas, this would be unfair on other members of the group and means that you might tend to live and travel at a standard not consistent with your role as a volunteer.

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