Thailand Gap Year


Volunteer in Thailand, a beautifully lush country with a huge amount going on; festivals, food, travel opportunities and an incredibly hospitable culture. A Thailand gap year will give you a unique insight into a country many people travel to but don’t get an in-depth understanding of.

Volunteer in Thailand

Project Trust’s placements in Thailand range from quite rural settings through to large provincial towns and from small primary schools to fairly large, well resourced secondary schools and colleges.

A 12 or eight month Thailand Gap Year gives Volunteers the time and scope of responsibilities to really immerse themselves into the role of a teacher. Lessons take place in English and Volunteers focus on developing the conversational skills of the students.

Many of our projects in Thailand have been running for longer than 20 years and there is a real sense of achievement in being part of a long term volunteering project, knowing the impact you make will be taken up by your successors after your departure.

Holly, Thailand Gap Year Volunteer

Thailand Gap Year Volunteer

Why volunteer in Thailand?

There is a well-developed tourist industry in parts of Thailand but your project offers something very different to the typical backpacking holiday. For your entire year you will be seeing a more authentic side to Thai communities and culture, making close friends and learning about the country in an immersive environment. For our Thailand gap year Volunteers, the experience is a profound one which will affect you long after you return home.

As a member of the English department your role will be to put your imagination and enthusiasm into making English learning fun. In addition to activities in the classroom, you will have the opportunity to involve yourself in English camps held all over the country. We encourage Volunteers to set up secondary projects during their school holidays, which can range from providing assistance in a school for people with disabilities, teaching in a monastery or actually spending some time as a monk or a nun – the opportunities on a Thailand Gap Year are endless.

Thailand Gap Year Projects

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Thailand Gap Year highlights…

  • Thai people love to celebrate festivals and holidays, Songkran and The Rocket Festival will be unforgettable but at your schools you will especially love celebrating teacher’s day.

  • Chiang Mai is where we base our language course but has plenty to keep you busy with, there is excellent trekking, animal sanctuaries and much more in the surrounding area.

  • The islands in the South of Thailand are world-renowned for their beauty; white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and coral reefs are waiting for you.

  • Buddhism is at the centre of much of Thai culture. As well as visiting the many spectacular temples you could even try out life as monk by taking part in a Buddhist retreat during your holidays.

  • Learn a new skill; as well as developing your language ability take a course in Thai cooking, massage and much more during your free time.

“I was looking for an opportunity to travel and do something that could benefit others and doing it with a charity which really looks after its volunteers was what my parents wanted for me.”

Emily, Thailand Gap Year Volunteer

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