TESOL Gap Year Projects

(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

What’s involved?

As a native, or proficient, English speaker you are in an excellent position to pass on your knowledge to students for whom English language skills can represent a real opportunity to help build a promising future for themselves. As a language teacher, you are able to be very creative with your lessons. Think back to when you were a student; do you remember the tedious hours you would spend on grammar and idioms? Think how you could change that for your own students as their teacher. Make your lessons dynamic and interactive, play games and do role plays and encourage your students to use their English in as many interesting contexts as possible.

We have a wide array of countries and projects across the world where you could find yourself working as an English teacher. You could be teaching a large class of students in the vast deserts of Western China where your lessons would be a light but worthwhile reprieve from their intense work schedules. In Honduras, you could be working as an English language assistant within either a primary or secondary school, with the opportunity to set up extracurricular activities which would give you another chance to informally pass on your English knowledge to students.

What will I gain?

Skills in a new language, a whole new way of communicating, an open mind to how other people see and think with relation to communication, organisation skills, improved confidence, the ability to think quickly and take initiative – the list is endless…

TESOL teaching in China

TESOL teaching in China

What skills do I need?

  • Creativity/Artistic – You won’t be able to explain things in English – it’ll need a different approach!
  • Patience – You may need to keep going over the same thing before it clicks.
  • Initiative – You may find opportunities to teach outside the classroom too, take them!
  • A love of language – Learning phrases and words in your new local language will have a huge impact on your teaching.
  • Confidence – You’ll need to push yourself out there to communicate and this will take a bit of self-assurance.

Where can I volunteer?

TESOL Gap Year in Senegal
TESOL Gap Year in China
TESOL Gap Year in India
TESOL Gap Year in Japan
TESOL Gap Year in Nepal
TESOL Gap Year in Thailand
TESOL Gap Year in Honduras

“It was during my time away that I decided what I wanted to do with a career. Although what I want to do has nothing to do with my project, i believe it was because of the time away I got to properly think about what I wanted to do.”

George, TESOL Gap Year Volunteer in Malaysia

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