Swaziland Gap Year

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A Swaziland Gap Year will give you a unique insight into the cultures and customs of a fascinating country. Roughly the size of Wales, landlocked and an absolute monarchy, Swaziland is a socially, economically and politically complex country which challenges and rewards Volunteers in equal measure.

Volunteer in Swaziland

Volunteers at Manzini Youth Care work teaching and providing care and support for vulnerable young people in Swaziland’s second biggest city. Elsewhere in the country, Swaziland Gap Year Volunteers teach in rural communities at schools with limited resources.

Working as a Volunteer in Swaziland, you will have the opportunity to travel into South Africa and compare these two complex countries. Swaziland Volunteers share the same Desk Officer with the South African Volunteers, but have their own In-country Representative.

Robyn, Swaziland Gap Year Volunteer

Robyn, Swaziland Gap Year Volunteer

Why volunteer in Swaziland?

Swaziland is a welcoming and vibrant country where the rural way of life dominates outside the bustle of the capital. Project Trust has urban and city placements within the country and the proximity of projects means you’ll have the chance to visit your fellow Swaziland Gap Year Volunteers and experience both environments.

Swaziland has one of the highest rates of HIV/Aids infection in the world, and most Volunteers will have some level of engagement with people affected by it. You will learn a huge amount about HIV/Aids treatment and the related stigma and Volunteers often become passionate about raising awareness.

Volunteering as a teacher in a school with limited resources will test your adaptability and creativity, whilst working with vulnerable young people will develop your empathy, patience and communication skills.

Projects in Swaziland

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Swaziland Gap Year highlights…

“Being on a long-term placement means the children you are working with know you are there for a long period of time and feel they can rely on you and trust you.”

Hannah, Swaziland Gap Year Volunteer