Gap Year South Africa
Gap Year South Africa
Gap Year South Africa
Gap year South Africa

South Africa Gap Year

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A South Africa Gap Year with Project Trust opens up a world of opportunities and experiences. There are many different identities, climates and landscapes collected under the aptly named ‘Rainbow Nation.’ This diversity certainly makes any brief overview a difficult task, but makes a year spent there a truly special opportunity to get to grips with a fascinating country.

Volunteer in South Africa

One of Project Trust’s biggest overseas programme, a South Africa Gap Year offers a range of opportunities for Volunteers within Teaching, Social Care, and Outward Bound.

Volunteers go to projects in care homes in large cities and small towns, schools with limited resources and fee paying schools with a range of extracurricular programmes available. We work with specialised projects working with youth at risk, an Outward Bound project with different bases around the country, a hospital project in a rural village in the Eastern Cape, projects working with young people or adults with disabilities and a private arts academy for volunteers with advanced art, music and drama skills.

South Africa Gap Year Volunteer, Maya

Maya volunteering on her South Africa Gap Year

Why volunteer in South Africa?

12 or 8 months as a Volunteer in South Africa will give you an incredibly unique picture of life in the Rainbow Nation, allowing you to fully integrate into the working life of your project and learn about life in your host community.

The range of projects and their locations reflects the diversity contained within South Africa itself. Your our day to day can be anything from helping care for thirty babies, coaching a football team of vulnerable young people, working through a full timetable of classes in English, Science, Maths and Computing, going on a kayaking expedition or running extracurricular music or arts clubs.

Your travelling opportunities will be amazing, with lots to see within South Africa itself, not to mention the surrounding countries.

South Africa Gap Year Projects

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South Africa Gap Year highlights…

“I was tired of the mundane, the everyday of timetables and restrictions. Everyone talked and acted the same but Project Trust offered something different: something to push me out of my comfort zone, develop my self confidesnce and assure me there is more than just work, grades and routine.”

Rachel, South Africa Gap Year Volunteer

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