Youth Work & Medical

What’s involved?

The opportunity to be involved in practical hands on social care, working with children and adults with mental or physical disabilities, providing a supportive big brother or sister role in children’s homes and having an important role in day to day care of residents, patients or children.

Our volunteers in social care projects spend time with those in care, helping with their basic needs and also taking the role of someone fun in their life. Many of the care homes in the countries we run volunteer programmes have staff who look after the residents but cannot provide fun activities for them as they just do not have the time. The job of the volunteer is to give these children and adults something to look forward to, playing games, doing creative activities and taking them out of the home for some respite. They sometimes have the opportunity to teach small groups but the projects vary hugely.

What will I gain?

You will gain an array of skills in patience and understanding, opening your mind to the depth and strength of people who are in care.

Your rewards will not always be immediate; however you will learn that putting your time and effort into that young person can be a hugely rewarding experience…

Social Care Volunteering in Dominican Republic

Social Care Volunteering in Dominican Republic

What skills do I need?

  • Experience – Some previous work with people in care can give you an idea that this is something you want to commit a year to.
  • Empathy & Compassion – You will need to be a caring person and want to help and take care of people.
  • Emotional Strength – Some of the people you come across will come from tough backgrounds, or have quite emotional stories to tell. You will need to be prepared to hear these and provide a support.
  • Creativity – You may find yourself with a group of young people ranging in ages and abilities. You will need to be able to be creative in the ways you engage and have fun with them all.

Where can I volunteer?

Social Care Projects in Botswana
Social Care Volunteering in South Africa

“I think I was more than a teacher to some of the students, I was a friend and a mentor as well and I think that was very valuable.”

Chris, volunteer teacher in Guyana

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