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Pre Selection Pack

Volunteering for up to a year is a challenge and an adventure.

Our Selection Course allows you to get to know Project Trust and the opportunities we offer.

Taking part in small group activities, individual tasks and an interview, you will have the opportunity to share your skills and interests and to demonstrate your strengths. This will help us to assess which volunteering experince from our range of placements could be right for you.

  • Timetable (please read)
    Day 1 Day 2
    Start End Activity Start End Activity
    09:00 09:20 Welcome address 09:00 10:30 Lessons
    09:20 10:30 Introductions and group activity 10:30 10:45 Break
    10:30 11:00 International placements overview 10:45 11:45 Q&A session
    11:00 11:15 Break 11:45 12:00 Group feedback
    11:15 12:40 Presentations 12:00 13:00 Lunch
    12:40 13:00 Group feedback 13:00 13:40 Candidate 1 – Interview
    13:00 14:00 Lunch 13:40 14:20 Candidate 2 – Interview
    14:00 15:00 International scenarios 14:20 15:00 Candidate 3 – Interview
    15:00 15:15 Break 15:00 15:40 Candidate 4 – Interview
    15:15 16:00 Fundraising session 15:40 16:20 Candidate 5 – Interview
    16:00 16:30 Group activity 16:20 17:00 Candidate 6 – Interview
    16:30 17:00 Preparation for day 2
  • Fundraising Scenario (please read)

    Sarah McCallan

    • Sarah came on Selection in October and has been offered a place in Honduras. Sarah was quite nervous about selection and spending a whole year away from home, but she felt much more confident after her selection course and her parents say she does not talk about anything else now.
    • She has lived in Stirling all her life and she knows everyone in her street. It takes her just five minutes to walk to school. #
    • Her parents are married and both work full-time at home at the moment. Dad works for an insurance company, is keen on watching sport and coaches her younger brother’s rugby team. Mum is an accounts clerk for a national charity and is studying for a book-keeping qualification in the evening.
    • Sarah has a sister, 12 and a brother 8. They used to be annoying but her sister has become much nicer since moving to High School.
    • Sarah’s Gran lives half a mile away and has always been round the house a lot and helped with childcare and cooking. She has been a widow for ten years, is a great baker, is very involved with the local Methodist Chapel and is part of a water-colour painting group. She is bubbled with Sarah’s family.
    • Sarah is doing Advanced Highers in Geography and English, and Highers in Spanish and Psychology. She has a lot of homework and is expected to cook two nights a week (basic things like heating pizzas). She used to visit her best friend a lot. They listened to music and sang along but she cannot play an instrument.
    • Sarah normally stays with her Dad’s sister at Christmas. She is divorced, has two adult children and is a teacher in Edinburgh.
    • Sarah is worried about fundraising because there are four other Project Trust Volunteers all fundraising at her school and they have all had been fundraising for longer, two are already halfway. Her school is supportive but they fundraise for field trips so are not allowing any fundraising aimed at students in the school day.
    • Sarah will be 18 on 19th May.
  • Lesson Brief (task to complete)

    We are looking for your ability to share and explain information and to engage with the class. This lesson plan template will help you structure your lesson.

    You may use learning aids and props in your lesson, use the camera in order for people to see flashcards, etc, and also add information in the chat function on Teams. Please ensure that you plan your lesson and develop learning aids in advance to save time during the lesson. You are not expected to deliver a PowerPoint presentation.

    Your lesson should be pitched at GCSE/National 5 level.

    Please watch this video in advance of planning and developing your lesson.

  •  Presentation Brief (task to complete)

    During your Selection Course you will be required to deliver a 10-minute presentation to your group (5 other candidates) and Project Trust staff.

    What we wish to achieve

    We are looking for you to share your awareness and understanding of a key issue in your community in an engaging way. This will indicate how your awareness will develop abroad when immersed in a culture and community different to the one you are used to, and enable us to see how you communicate information.

    The Presentation

    Reflect on an issue you are passionate about in your community. This can be a global or local issue, or an issue that is personal to you.

    We are interested in your:

    • ability to gather accurate information
    • awareness of your surroundings
    • ability to make observations and deductions
    • based on these
    • ability to question the issue
    • ability to give a structured, coherent, and original presentation

    How you might gather information

    Start as soon as possible, as the most successful presentations are well prepared and thought out, not left to the last minute!

    Speak to relevant people eg neighbours, parents, teachers, peers, community leaders, and research information on your chosen topic. Give a balanced view of the topic, including arguments for and against, and reach a conclusion to the discussion.

    Please stick to your 10 minute allocated slot.

    We are looking for an interesting, well-informed and engaging talk, a structured presentation delivered without the use of PowerPoint or other visual aids.

    Practise, practise, practise! Have a go at delivering the presentation to a friend or family member in advance.

    10 Presentation Tips

ACTION: please read the information above and complete the required tasks before your Selection Course.

Please complete and submit:

Please note, we are unable to confirm offer of a placement until all required information is received.