Go Ape

Following on from a hugely successful Mentoring Pilot Scheme in Scotland, Project Trust is expanding our Mentoring Programme for future Volunteers.

We are looking for Returned Volunteers who would be interested in mentoring new Volunteers who have recently attended Selection and been offered a place overseas – providing them with practical advice, encouragement and motivational support.

What are Mentors expected to do?

  • Make contact and introduce themselves to the new Volunteer after they have been offered an overseas placement.
  • Help with any advice, share stories & experiences, to encourage and motivate.
  • Talk through your own fundraising experiences and offer support.
  • Make contact with the Mentee at least once a month (telephone, email or face to face) – to encourage, offer advice, and be a listening ear.
  • Feedback to Project Trust if there is any follow up action required.

What can you bring to this role?

  • Knowledge and experiences of being a Volunteer and managing fundraising with other commitments.
  • Stories and experiences of being a Volunteer overseas to share with the new Volunteer to remind them of what they are working towards.

What will you gain from the role?

  • Sense of satisfaction from helping new Volunteers to reach their goals and prepare themselves for going overseas.
  • Broadening of skills and knowledge.
  • Useful experience of being a Mentor.
  • Being an important part of the Project Trust Community.

When/how often will I be needed?

We would hope that Mentor contact points would take place at least once a month, they could be as little as a ½ hour chat on the phone to a couple of hours going for a coffee. Mentors will also check in with Project Trust at least one a month to update on progress.

What is the deadline for applying?

Closing dates for applications to mentor over the next year is 22 September 2018.

The Mentor Training in Glasgow will be confirmed shortly.
For those who cannot attend this training, there will be an online version available.

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