Global Volunteering and Citizenship Certificate

Project Trust has formalised the educational aspect of our work and entered into a partnership with One Awards to formally accredit our volunteers’ work. All volunteers departing on a long-term placement overseas with Project Trust will gain a Level 3 ‘Foundation Year in Global Volunteering and Citizenship’.


We are delighted to be able to offer our volunteers the opportunity to gain a certificate that reflects the commitment and dedication they contribute to their projects and to their host communities. Our Volunteers are exceptional young people doing exceptional work overseas and the accredited education programme gives them something concrete to put onto their CVs and university applications to make them stand out.

All 8 or 12 month Project Trust volunteers who complete the necessary units are entitled to gain the certificate. The modules in the Level Three course follow the two-year journey of a Project Trust volunteer. There are five mandatory units: Selection, Fundraising, Training, Overseas and Debriefing and one optional unit: Being a Returned Volunteer.

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Mandatory Units

The purpose of the Selection Unit is to develop the volunteer’s understanding of the preparation required for securing an overseas placement. It aims to prepare the learner so that they can make informed and realistic decisions with regards to an overseas placement.

The purpose of the unit is to enable the learner to develop the ability to plan and manage ethical fundraising to support a placement of an overseas volunteer. It specifically seeks to encourage the skills required to manage a complex project within specified timescales and constraints. It includes being able to understand the components of a fundraising plan, being able to develop and manage this plan, being able to evaluate this plan on completion.

The purpose of this unit is to enable the learner to develop the ability to effectively manage the personal, social, cultural and practical challenges facing a volunteer working overseas. It specifically aims to develop relevant knowledge and skills and to apply these to their preparation as a volunteer in the overseas context.
The purpose of the unit is to enable the learner to undertake a long term volunteer placement in an overseas location. In particular it aims to develop their reflective analysis of the cultural, economic and social structure of the local area.
The purpose of the unit is to reflect and evaluate the volunteer experience, as well as learning about future volunteering opportunities.

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“Many universities recognise that volunteering programmes provide participants with valuable skills and experiences that will help them succeed in higher education. UCAS encourages students to include information about volunteering activities in their personal statements. We include specific reference to Project Trust and the Foundation Year in Global Volunteering and Citizenship in our guidance.”

Mary Curnock Cook, CEO of UCAS

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