PT Pete takes on the London Marathon

Peter Wilson | Project Trust Senior Country Coordinator

Project Trust’s Senior Country Coordinator, Peter Wilson has volunteered to run the 2017 London Marathon.

Lottie Atkin, our Communications Intern caught up with Pete (didn’t take long) to ask him a few questions…

Peter, first of all – are you mad?

Yes. And I’m sure my colleagues would vouch for that as well.

What was the thought process behind the decision to run the London Marathon?

It’s actually Chris Evans’ fault. I was on the way to work, something like the 26th of May 2016, and Chris Evans announced on the radio that it was the last possible day to apply for the London Marathon. I was sat in the car and said ‘Shall I go for it?’ Alison Fraser needed someone to run it for Project Trust. So I applied – and with seven weeks to go, here we are.

What does it mean to you knowing that you’ll be raising money for Project Trust – why is it important?

Well, I grew up on a council estate in Liverpool in the 1980s and as such didn’t believe that opportunities like those offered by Project Trust were for people like me. Project Trust’s new Diversity Strategy has been put in place to give more young men and women the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn about the world and be a positive force within it…

I want to help Project Trust empower more young people to be confident, effective, creative, independent and resilient through a challenging volunteering experience overseas, regardless of their background.

How’s the training going, particularly while visiting Volunteers overseas?

Training is going. It’s tough, it is very tough, I’ll make no bones about that. Having the time to do the longer runs is quite difficult, but also, having spent about six weeks overseas since November, although it’s a great opportunity to visit volunteers, it’s been really difficult to follow and fulfil a training regime. I managed to run a 10k in Swaziland and South Africa in November, and whilst in Nepal in January I managed a 5k, and it was all downhill.

Did you get back up the hill?

Yeah. In the car.

What time do you hope to finish in?

My aim is to finish, and that’s that. I’ve got eight hours if I want a medal. So, 7:59:59 is the aim. But I’m hoping to do it around five and a half hours.

A Vietnamese woman in the news recently didn’t start running until she was 48 – she’s just run seven consecutive marathons in seven continents in seven days to celebrate her 70th How does this make you feel? And more importantly – will you be taking a leaf out of her book?

To be honest, as we enter our 50th year, I might go for 50 marathons, in 50 days, in the 21 countries that we send our Volunteers to. But I do feel that we would spend more money than we would raise – so let’s stick to London.

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