Two Project Trust Volunteers, Emily (South Africa 2015/16) and Izzy (India, 2014/15) have been offered places on Manchester University’s new International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response course. Their places are conditional on them completing Project Trust’s One Awards accredited programme, which you can find out more about here:

Izzy (left) with her volunteering partner, Miriam, in India

Izzy (left) with her volunteering partner, Miriam, in India

Izzy volunteered as a teacher in India with Project Trust in 2014/15. She explained how the experience helped her to decide on the right university course for her:

Like many people applying to volunteer with Project Trust, one of my reasons for doing so was to gain more life experience before making a decision about what I wanted to study at university.

While volunteering in India I taught English, French and Geography and although it was a huge challenge in lots of ways I absolutely loved the experience. In particular getting 10-13 year olds excited about sustainability and natural disasters was a fantastic feeling and fuelled my excitement for studying Geography.

I started at Newcastle University this September and although I threw myself into uni life for various reasons it wasn’t the right time or right course for me. I left in November, without a specific plan of what I was going to do next. By happy coincidence, at that time Project Trust announced a partnership with a new degree at the University of Manchester: International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response.

The course starts 2016 and will have around 20-30 people studying it. It’s multidisciplinary, combining the study of geography, sociology, history and medicine. Through these subjects we’ll be focusing on disaster risk management, climate change, sustainable development and humanitarian action. I was originally interested in Geography with a vague plan of potentially working in international development, but volunteering in India confirmed that I want a career where I can make an impact, whether it’s teaching, delivering aid after a natural disaster or providing long term support to towns affected by them.

Manchester University’s International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response course is a much more direct and specialised route into the work I’m interested in. I applied for it straight away, the day before the UCAS deadline, feeling nearly as excited as I did when I first found out I was going to India. I had my open day last week with the Course Director (who volunteered in South Africa with Project Trust) and was told all about the modules. There are so many opportunities available to graduates and I can’t wait to get started.