Project Trust Volunteers find £1 Million worth of Viking Gold on local beach

Hogh Bay

Thrilled to be celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, Project Trust was doubly delighted to discover an outstanding hoard of Viking gold on nearby Hogh Beach.

After a marathon digging session through wind and hail, a group of Volunteers on Selection in February uncovered the gold, valued by Historic Scotland to be worth an estimated £1 million.

Assistant Director (Strategy) John Sharp said, “We are extremely excited by this incredible discovery and will put the money to good use. We are planning to celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year, so this will help enormously.”

The Project Trust Board of Directors have come to the conclusion that the money should be spent on a Viking themed party to celebrate the upcoming 50th Anniversary.

Project Trust will invite Returned Volunteers to a 50th Birthday bash on the Isle of Coll. They will be transported to Coll from Oban on a replica Viking longship, and are encouraged to dress according to the Viking theme.

The Returned Volunteers attending the ReCollect Weekend in June this year will be tasked with building the replica Viking longship. “We dug a trench, we built a castle – we can build a Viking longship” claims Assistant Director John Fraser.

Returned Volunteers wishing to attend the 50th Anniversary Party should first attend the ReCollect Weekend to get a flavour of things to come in this very exciting year ahead for Project Trust.