Project Trust training courses are compulsory and take place just before you go overseas on your Project Trust Volunteer placement.

Overview of Project Trust Training

Project Trust Training is designed to ensure you are prepared for your year overseas; prepared for the work you’ll be doing, the country you’ll be living and how to travel responsibly and keep yourself safe. We want you to be ready to deliver the maximum benefit to the community you’re volunteering in, and get the maximum benefit yourself from your year overseas.

You attend Training with the other volunteers who will be working in the same country as you, as well as one or two other country groups. It will be the first time you meet the volunteer you are paired with for the year, and is also a chance to get to know your Country Coordinator, the member of staff responsible for the volunteers in your country.

Throughout the week you’ll receive training focussed on the type of work you’ll be doing overseas, be it teaching, social care or outward bound. This training will be delivered by qualified and experienced members of staff to give you the best introduction possible to the role you’ll be working in.

You’ll also receive training from your Country Coordinator about the country and specific project you’ll be volunteering in. This will cover roles and responsibilities, cultural awareness and conduct. You’re going to be living with and working in a new community, so will need to know as much about it as possible before you arrive.

Obviously that is a lot to cover in four days, and Project Trust Training is certainly intensive, both in terms of how many hours you work each day and how much you learn in a short space of time. But it is also fun, and you’ll form strong bonds with your country group, Country Coordinator and volunteering partner. Unlike Selection you’ll be living in the dorm rooms at the Hebridean Centre, so you’ll have time in the evenings to socialise with your country group. By the final night you’ll be prepared to volunteer overseas, pretty tired, and more than ready for the end of course ceilidh!

Project Trust Training Dates 2020

Course 1 | Mon 29th June – Fri 3rd July
Honduras & South Africa
Course 2 | Mon 6th – Fri 10th July
India, Senegal & Nepal
Course 3 | Mon 13th – Fri 17th July
Ghana, Myanmar, Chile & Solomon Islands
Course 4 | Sun 19th – Thur 23rd July
Thailand, China, Japan, Zambia
Course 5 | Thur 23rd – Mon 27th July
Malawi, Dom Rep, Botswana, Namibia, Cambodia & Malaysia
Short Programme | TBC
All relevant participants

‘Please be aware that your project placement  and country will not be confirmed fully until the first week in May, therefore we would advise against booking travel to Training or any holidays until you have received your placement email.’

Next Step

Volunteer John Haswell

“Project Trust Training did provide me with useful information about my country. Once you learn more and know more about your project you can begin to seriously think about what you’re about to embark on and the excitement grows.”

John, Malaysia Gap Year Volunteer

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