Volunteering with Project Trust is a challenge and adventure. The first step after applying is taking part in one of our Selection Courses.

Overview of Selection

Volunteering for up to a year is a big commitment, responsibility and challenge that often inspires our Returned Volunteers’ life-choices far beyond their placements ending.

That’s why Project Trust Selection Courses are designed to give you the chance to get to know Project Trust as a charity, and give the Project Trust team enough time to make an informed decision as to whether you would be suitable for one of our long-term volunteering placement.

Project Trust Digital Selection Courses offer many opportunities for Candidates to demonstrate how their desire, motivation, skills, strengths, and aptitude can be best matched to the requirements of the communities overseas Project Trust serves.

When social distancing guidelines allow, the Project Trust Selection Course will again be hosted at our headquarters on the Scottish Isle of Coll, where Candidates spend up to five days taking part in a range of face-to-face activities. This includes group tasks, community volunteering, interviews, giving a presentation, and teaching a lesson.

Project Trust Selection Course, Isle of Coll

Project Trust Selection Course, Isle of Coll

Isle of Coll Selection – Accommodation

For your stay on Coll you’ll live with a host family, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the community of the island.

People on Coll have been hosting Volunteers for up to 30 years, and take great pride in the island’s hospitable, welcoming culture.

Duke of Edinburgh

Project Trust’s face-to-face Selection and Training courses that are hosted on the Isle of Coll could count as the Residential section of your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award.

Your Overseas Placement with Project Trust could count as the service section of your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. You have until 25 years’ old to achieve your DofE Award so it is well worth getting involved.

Always check with your DofE Leader before booking any Residential Course to make sure that it can count towards your Award.

Learn more about our Projects…

Of course you’ll want to know about the type of work you can do overseas on your Gap Year, and the countries you can volunteer in.

During both Digital and Isle of Coll Project Trust Selection Courses you’ll receive presentations about the countries that might be available to Volunteer in once COVID restrictions are eased. And you’ll have the chance to speak to members of staff responsible for coordinating our country programmes to help you make a decision about where you might like to volunteer.

On average, we are able to offer around 4 in 5 Candidates a place overseas. Even those who are not offered a place overseas tell us how much they have learnt about themselves throughout the Course. And we are happy to provide feedback to parents, guardians, or teachers of Candidates who are not placed.

The amount of Candidates on each Selection Course varies depending on the time of year and type of course. For Digital Selection it’s with five other Candidates, while on Coll you will most likely be with between 12 and 40 other like-minded young people – from the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Whatever route is open to you, we look forward to welcoming you all to join in an empowering experience that our Returned Volunteers say helped set their direction in, or change their mindset for, life.

Booking onto Selection…

The Selection payment is non-refundable and guarantees your place on your chosen course.

The higher cost of the face-to-face Isle of Coll courses, which Project Trust staff subsidise through our own fundraising efforts, also covers your return ferry tickets from Oban and your food and accommodation during your stay on the island.

Next Step

“Coming all the way to Coll made it feel like the start of an adventure. I couldn’t imagine getting told you’re moving to a new country when you’d only filled out a form online. It was invaluable to talk to staff members about the different countries so I could make an informed decision.”

Maddie, Honduras Gap Year Volunteer

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