Project Trust Gap Year

Your Project Trust Gap Year is what all the trips to Coll and fundraising have been for – the chance to have the adventure of a lifetime living in and working with a community in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Overview of your Gap Year

Your Gap Year is unique and very much your own, giving you plenty of opportunity to make your mark on your project and use your initiative to benefit your host community. But you also have a good deal of support behind you should you need it.

Every volunteer is placed with a Project Trust partner, another volunteer who you will live and work with. This means throughout the year you will be with someone on the same journey who can relate to your experiences. Project Trust’s Overseas Team use all the information gathered about volunteers on Selection to match volunteers with a partner.

What will I be doing?

Whatever role you are selected for – teaching, social care or outward bound – you’ll be working hard whilst you are at your project. We expect our volunteers to throw themselves into their work, constantly looking for ways to maximise their positive impact and really make the most of their time overseas.

But it isn’t all work, and you’ll have the same amount of holidays as a local person doing the same job as you. During your holidays you are free to explore the country you are based in, or neighbouring countries, and will no doubt return after a year with a long list of impressive and exciting sights-seen and experiences lived.

Project Trust Gap Year Volunteer, Ross in Guyana

“The unique experience of being a valued, professional figure in a community, in a place you grow to love, was the highlight of my experience abroad. Like most volunteers, I came away with a second home and an amazing life-changing year of my life.”

Ross, Project Trust Gap Year Volunteer in Guyana

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