Parents Meetings

Parents’ Meetings give you an opportunity to talk through any concerns you may have with Project Trust staff.

We are excited to announce that Project Trust is going to trial a new format for the Parents’ Meetings this year and will hold them online instead of as a series of face to face meetings around the country. This will enable us to make them more accessible and reach more parents, including those in remote or distant locations, than ever before. The content will remain as relevant and as informative as ever and will provide parents/guardians with detailed information about Project Trust and the Volunteer journey.

The invitation to these meetings is extended to all parents/guardians and Volunteers going overseas this year. If you wish to delegate your place to someone else or bring an extra guest along please let us know.

We invite you to read more stories of Staff and Volunteers overseas on our blog or watch the videos on our Vimeo channel to learn more.

Latest News & Stories…

Next Generation – Rachel and Alina

August 14th, 2020|0 Comments

Rachel volunteered at Rehoboth Museum of Natural History and Archaeology in Namibia 1988/89. Rachel’s time in Namibia helped her to develop a greater sense of global awareness, to push her boundaries, and to explore

Next Generation – The Appletons

July 2nd, 2020|0 Comments

In 1983/84, Mark Appleton volunteered in South Africa with Project Trust teaching at a residential mission school for children with physical disabilities. Volunteering as a teacher, he gained useful skills that he has used throughout

“Coming all the way to Coll made it feel like the start of an adventure. I couldn’t imagine getting told you’re moving to a new country when you’d only filled out a form online. It was invaluable to talk to staff members about the different countries so I could make an informed decision.”

Maddie, Honduras Gap Year Volunteer