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Help us empower the next generation of Project Trust Volunteers to CHALLENGE themselves, LEARN about the world and be a POSITIVE FORCE within it. Become a Project Trust Volunteer Mentor…

Why have a Mentoring Scheme?

The development of a Mentoring scheme is a very exciting step forward for Project Trust. We feel that Mentors have an incredibly important part to play in the journey of new Volunteers – sharing your experiences both of fundraising and of volunteering overseas will make a massive difference to the Volunteers’ motivation and confidence.

As you know yourself there are many challenges or barriers to be overcome after coming to Coll for Selection and being offered an overseas placement. Personal, cultural, financial and many other hurdles can prevent young people from applying to Project Trust, let alone attending a Selection Course or getting on the plane to head overseas.

We are determined to minimise these barriers and provide appropriate support to help young people overcome them.

Watch this short film to find out how having a Mentor helped one of our 18/19 Volunteers.

What will your role be?

Your role as a Mentor will be to join together with us in supporting young people at the very start of their Project Trust journey.

There is perhaps nothing as rewarding as working closely with an individual to support them to learn a skill, complete a task, develop themselves, or fulfil their potential.

We are delighted that you are considering becoming a Project Trust Mentor. We also hope that you will view this role as the continuation of your own journey of growth and development with Project Trust in addition to supporting the next generation of Volunteers.

Project Trust Gap Year News…

Against Racism

August 3rd, 2020|0 Comments

Join our ‘Project Trust Against Racism’ Working Group Over the past months, an important

“I really enjoyed meeting with the mentee and hearing about how excited she was to go overseas. Her enthusiasm and passion for life and for Project Trust inspired me and reignited some of that motivation in me. I loved being able to pass on tips that I’d learnt and discovered, to hopefully maker her Project Trust journey more streamlined. Meeting up with other Project Trust Volunteers is like catching up with old friends, even if you’ve never met them before. Everyone has shared motivations, goals and similar mindsets and to be able to enjoy a few hours chatting over coffee, but also know that you’re contributing to a new Volunteer’s success is greatly rewarding.”

Maddie, Honduras Gap Year Volunteer

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