Project Trust – Against Racism

People across the world are right now unifying against racism, a stance Project Trust supports. We at Project Trust recommit ourselves to the values

Information Sessions

Learn more about the benefits and challenges of Project Trust’s life-enhancing overseas volunteering opportunities by joining one of our Information Sessions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

As a result of the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 (Conronavirus) outbreak, Project Trust has taken the difficult but necessary decision to repatriate

Next Generation – Rachel and Alina

Rachel volunteered at Rehoboth Museum of Natural History and Archaeology in Namibia 1988/89. Rachel’s time in Namibia helped her to develop a greater sense

Against Racism

Join our ‘Project Trust Against Racism’ Working Group Over the past months, an important discussion has been taking place within society as a result

Next Generation – The Cottams

Volunteering in Kenya in 1984/85, Rachel became committed to the global south and deprived populations. Today as GP, she serves a deprived population in

Changemaker – Charlotte Springham

Charlotte volunteered as a teaching assistant at a local bilingual school in Honduras, 2017-18, working with children of all ages across the school.Now about to

Changemaker – Sally Stone

During her time volunteering in the preschool at Bethany Home in South Africa, Sally took an interest in the work of Rose the nurse

Changemaker – Nuala Mendham

Nuala sees deep connections between her time volunteering in South India with Project Trust in 2012, and her work now in the Eastern Democratic

Changemaker – Zahid Torres-Rahman

Zahid, a volunteer with Project Trust in Zimbabwe 1989/90, is a force for positive change as co-founder and CEO of the organisation ‘Business Fights

Next Generation – The Appletons

In 1983/84, Mark Appleton volunteered in South Africa with Project Trust teaching at a residential mission school for children with physical disabilities. Volunteering as a

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