Malaysia Gap Year

Malaysia Gap Year

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A Project Trust gap year in Malaysia is an opportunity to explore a wealth of different cultural influences. Malaysia’s multi-ethnic population and historical position as a naval trading route mean the country has many cultures, customs, languages and foods to learn about.

Volunteer in Malaysia

Project Trust’s Malaysia gap year programme has been running since 1995/96. There are now 26 volunteers in Malaysia, making it one of Project Trust’s biggest country programmes.

Project Trust’s Volunteers in Malaysia work as Assistant English Teachers in primary or secondary schools. Volunteers are classroom assistants to Malay teachers, as well as being involved outside of the classrooms, organising and running extra-curricular activities. In the past Volunteers in Malaysia have run sports clubs, directed drama productions, trained students for spelling bees and much more, and there is a lot of opportunity for Volunteers to really put a mark on their project.

Malaysia Gap Year

Volunteer in Malaysia as an assistant teacher

Why volunteer in Malaysia?

Volunteering in Malaysia as an Assistant Teacher is a great opportunity to help increase your pupils’ level of English, whilst utilising your own skills and interests to add value to the extracurricular activities on offer at your school.

Globalisation is changing lifestyles in Malaysia, but a system of social law known as adat is still an important part of daily life. Adat has roots in Hindusim and earlier, and emphasises the collective responsibility of a community, or kampong. It is a unique way of life to experience and learn about.

Although food is maybe not something which has interested you in Malaysia in the first place, once you are there you’ll be amazed at the array of cuisine on offer. The food reflects the country’s multi-ethnic population with Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Javanese and Sumatran dishes all available, as well as fusions between all of the above.

Malaysia Gap Year Projects

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Malaysia Gap Year highlights…

  • Head to Penang for Chinese New Year

  • See the bright lights of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

  • Eat lots of Roti Canai!

  • Visit the hot springs and temples of Ipoh

  • Visit the Orangutan sanctuaries in Sabah

John, Malaysia Gap Year Volunteer

“My perception on things has certainly altered: I generally feel like my world is bigger now. There’s so much out there, so many opportunities and so many things to see. But I’ve also learnt not to take so much for granted.”

John, Malaysia Gap Year Volunteer

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