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If you are keen to volunteer in Malawi and thrive on having a busy and varied workload, Project Trust can offer projects in teaching and social care. We have Malawi gap year placements in and around the cities of Blantyre and Zomba, as well as on the shore of the famous Lake Malawi, which covers 15% of the country’s surface area.

Volunteer in Malawi

There is no one ‘type’ of Project Trust Malawi gap year project, and Volunteers fulfil lots of different roles from Primary and Secondary teaching to social care with vulnerable young people.

Teaching Volunteers cover lots of different subjects, from English to science to arts, whilst social care Volunteers help support children and young people of varied ages and backgrounds.

The locations of the Malawi gap year projects also create different volunteer experiences. Volunteers living in the city of Blantyre have a very different experience to those living in a rural village. Some volunteers live in quite basic living conditions without amenities such as running water and electricity.

Such a range of types of project, role and living situation mean Project Trust has suitable Malawi gap year experiences for Volunteers with a variety of skills and interests. What links all Project Trust’s Volunteers in Malawi is a willingness and enthusiasm to learn about the people, communities and culture in a country known for its openness and hospitality.

Franci, Malawi Gap Year Volunteer

Franci, Malawi Gap Year Volunteer

Why volunteer in Malawi?

Whether you’re teaching English and seeing your students’ use of the language vastly improve over the year, or supporting the care and education of vulnerable children and young people, you’ll have the opportunity to make a big impact as a Volunteer in Malawi.

Malawi is a famously welcoming country and you’ll have no lack of people wanting to get to know you and help you learn about local customs and culture. This is the gap year for you if you want to be very sociable and to really become a part of a community.

Malawi Gap Year Projects

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Malawi Gap Year highlights…

“There’s no need to rush into University or a career. What I’ve learned this year no degree or job could have taught me.”

Jasmine, Malawi Gap Year Volunteer

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