LGBPT Purple Friday


On February 24th 2017, Project Trust celebrated Purple Friday in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland.

Not only did we all look absolutely fantastic in all shades and items of purple, Project Trust staff, board and returned volunteers were standing united with many LGBTQ+ young people and youth organizations across Scotland to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and to stand up against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Purple Friday marks the last Friday of LGBT History month, a month that celebrates LGBTQ+ activism and heroes as well as raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues across the world.

Project Trust is currently working towards a Bronze Charter award in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland.  This means that we are working towards making our workplace and services more LGBT friendly for the young people we work with. The charter mark involves looking at lots of aspects of Project Trust’s work, policies and resources as well as engaging in campaigns such as Purple Friday and raising awareness. Last May, staff received incredibly inspiring and informative training from LGBT Youth Scotland that kick-started our charter work. It is hoped that once we have achieved our Bronze charter mark we can continue the positive work and achieve the Silver and Gold marks too. By achieving the charter mark Project Trust will be joining a number of other organizations across Scotland that are actively sending a positive message to LGBT young people that they are supported, included and valued within our services. You can learn more about LGBT Youth Scotland and their work on their website.

A big part, the biggest part in fact, of what we do is sending volunteers overseas. Many of the countries that our volunteers will volunteer in do not recognize LGBT rights and in some countries homosexuality is illegal. It is therefore incredibly important that Project Trust volunteers are provided with well-informed advice and information about countries and that our volunteers’ feel they can approach staff to talk about any concerns that they may have. We are currently also looking for returned volunteers to share their experiences, advice and information on LGBTQ+ issues overseas; that will be used to develop resources and training for any future volunteers. If you would like to be involved please get in touch with Claire at claire.jennings@projecttrust.org.uk