Emma Ralph and Charlotte Grainger are 2015/16 Project Trust volunteers in Senegal and Honduras. They’re also both taking part in the Language Linking, Global Thinking programme, which pairs overseas volunteers with schools in Scotland.

Project Trust is running the programme in partnership with the British Council, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages at Strathclyde University and NUS Scotland.

Volunteers visit the Scottish class they are paired with before they depart, stay in touch when they are overseas and return to the schools when they finish to update them on their progress – with input from teachers throughout to ensure the work fits in with the curriculum.

Emma and Charlotte wrote to the schools they’ve been paired with after making their pre-departure visit:

Project Trust's 2015/16 Senegal volunteers on Training

Project Trust’s 2015/16 Senegal volunteers on Training


It was great to meet you all before the start of the summer holidays (I can’t believe it was that long ago!). You had so many interesting questions about Senegal and hopefully I’ll be able to answer them all soon. In July I went to a Project Trust Training course on the Isle of Coll where I met my partner, Josie, and the other people going to projects around Senegal. I learnt a lot about teaching and I’m really looking forward to getting started now.

I’ll arrive in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, on the 12th September then travel to my project in Joal. Apparently it’ll be around 30 degrees when I arrive which definitely makes a change from the weather in Scotland! I’m flying out in September instead of August because the schools in Senegal start a lot later than the ones over here.

I’m in the middle of getting everything organised for going overseas. I said goodbye to some of my extended family last weekend which was really difficult and I’ve begun packing things in a backpack that’s almost as big as me. Being away from my family and friends for a whole year will be so strange. I’m trying to think of a way to smuggle my dog on the plane.

While I’m in Senegal, send me your questions, I’ll try to answer as many as possible and also keep you updated with the things I get up to. I’m hoping to travel around the country during the school holidays so I’ll definitely post about that as well as the work I’m doing in the schools. We spoke about setting up pen pals, it might take a little while to get it up and running but I really want it to happen!

Speak to you soon!



¡Hola 3ES!

I hope you have had a good summer holidays, I can’t believe that it has been seven(ish) weeks since we met! I’m now in Honduras. The country has a bad reputation that it doesn’t deserve; it is a beautiful country and all the people I have met have been incredibly lovely!

I am living in a wee town called Yamaranguila that is ‘muy tranquillo’. I will be assistant teaching in a primary school which I am quite excited about as it is a completely new experience.

I live in an ‘apartamiento marado y rojo’, it is quite small but perfect for my partner, Esmé and I. Also, five minutes away are the American and English teachers, who live in a ‘casa azul’. Here in Yamaranguila there are no street names or house numbers so our addresses just describe what our houses look like!

The school is still being built and won’t start until 2nd September so right now we are making classroom decorations such as name tags, discipline charts and animals.

I am absolutely loving being here. It is completely different to back home. I am meeting so many new people who have kept the homesickness at bay, made me laugh and now I feel right at home!

Hopefully, I will have more for next time!

Hasta luego