John Fraser is a Weatherman (and he also like to fish).

John Fraser

BBC ‘One’ders… Weather he’s up for it! John Fraser Set to Leave Project Trust for new Weather Service Career.

John Fraser, Project Trust veteran, has decided that after a lifetime of diligent service to International Volunteering Charity Project Trust, that it is time to fulfil his lifelong ambition of becoming a BBC Weather Presenter.

John has been appointed by BBC Scotland as their new weather correspondent. “I am absolutely blown away!” says Fraser, 63 from the Inner Scottish Hebrides. “I can often be found staring out of my office window enjoying cloud formations and precipitation.”

John has spent years developing his knowledge and understanding of meteorological processes. Colleague Fra MacIntyre, Overseas Department Manager, remembers fondly the advent of the internet at the Hebridean Centre, and how this revealed John’s potential for predicting and analysing weather patterns. “It changed our lives in terms of travel to and from Coll, with John knowing, before CalMac, the forecast and the ferry changes. John’s commitment is such that he once called the office from Namibia to report that the ferry may be, in his professional opinion, cancelled as a result of the swell.”

However, a spokesperson from the BBC has raised concerns over John’s abilities to perform the role. “Whilst he undoubtedly has real talents in regards to the weather of the West Coast of Scotland, it has been brought to our attention that he is easily distracted by birds flying past BBC HQ.” they said.

Fraser has refused to comment, however, devoted wife Alison said, “The winds are changing, and if anyone knows it, John knows it.”