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Japan is one of those countries that we like to think we know all about, but don’t. Everything looks familiar, but is different. An ancient culture, a modern culture, a sedate lifestyle, a frantic lifestyle – Japan represents all these things from the traditional temples and shrines of Kyoto to the ultra-modern high-rises of Tokyo.

Volunteer in Japan

Project Trust has placements in schools right across Japan, in both urban and rural settings. Volunteers can be placed in the centre of Tokyo’s skyscrapers, amongst the temples of Kyoto or in Toya on Hokkaido. The schools differ from project to project, but the focus of all the projects is teaching English.

There is a huge desire among people of all ages in Japan to learn English, and on top of their timetabled schedule at their schools Volunteers often find themselves tutoring a diverse group of people throughout the year.

Shanie, Japan Gap Year Volunteer

Shanie, Japan Gap Year Volunteer

Why volunteer in Japan?

A Japan gap year is a chance to get to know a country that just when you think you have a handle on it, you get a new surprise. It can be easy to fit into Japanese society, yet still be learning new things about it months into your stay as you get to grips with the language and begin to understand more of the way people live.

In the same way you will be fascinated by Japan and its culture, a lot of people in Japan are very interested in Europe, about the UK, about how we live, what we are interested in. So this is the perfect opportunity to learn while you teach.

The opportunities to travel and explore the country are almost boundless, with a transport network to rival any in the world. Tokyo rush hour, or the bullet train – it all runs like clockwork – there’s no such thing as being late in Japan!

Projects in Japan

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“I wanted a gap year with a difference – one that would allow me to learn valuable skills (like a language) while also giving something back to a community. Volunteering with Project Trust gave me a real insight into the daily lives of ordinary people in Japan.”

Gwen, Japan Gap Year Volunteer

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