Isle of Coll

The Isle of Coll is Project Trust’s home. It is difficult to get to, windy and cold in the winter, windy and sunny in the summer and the closest Starbucks is about 150 miles away. We couldn’t be happier to be here.

Overview of the Isle of Coll

Since 1974 Project Trust’s headquarters has been on the Isle of Coll, and the island is integral to the charity’s identity. All Project Trust volunteers form a strong bond with the island through the time they spend there on Selection, Training and Debriefing and many keep in touch with friends they make on Coll whilst they are overseas and once they return.

Coll is just 12 miles long and three miles wide, with a population of about 230 permanent inhabitants. The island enjoys some of the highest annual number of sunshine hours in the UK, although that isn’t to say that the winters can’t be pretty stormy!

Project Trust and the Isle of Coll

Project Trust’s staff make their home on Coll, and the charity is the biggest employer on the island. Although the majority have moved from elsewhere to work for Project Trust, there are staff who are in the voluntary coast guard and fire service, help with running the community centre, have their children in the primary school, volunteer at Coll Kids’ Club on a weekend and much more. Over the last 50 years Project Trust and its staff have become as important to Coll as the island’s supportive and welcoming community is to the charity.

Map of the Isle of Coll

You can find out more about the Isle of Coll on the Visit Coll website.

“I think Coll makes Project Trust. The journey over there, meeting the other volunteers in Oban and coming to somewhere so remote made it a special part of the whole experience and a common bond with other volunteers.”

Kate, Malaysia Gap Year Volunteer