Lottie Atkin on her Gap Year in India

We are delighted to say that we have a new addition to the Project Trust team on Coll… You will be hearing a lot more from Lottie Atkin, as she is our Communications Intern. Lottie has taken time out of her busy induction schedule to introduce herself…

Hello everyone, I’m Lottie, a recently Returned Volunteer from India. I decided after returning home from India in the summer that I just wasn’t ready for any sort of ‘normal’ life yet, and therefore found myself stepping off the ferry on a rainy Sunday last week, to be greeted by a beautiful, if not soggy, Isle of Coll.

My main focus for Project Trust this year is to refresh and bring new ideas to our social media and all aspects of communications. With our 50th anniversary coming up and so many wonderful things happening across the world, it is more important now than ever to make a real push to share with our extended Project Trust Community about what’s going on. Posts needs to be quick, convenient and engage interest. Whether it’s Volunteers who are currently fundraising, Volunteers overseas or Returned Volunteers, fantastic content in the form of blog posts, Instagram photos, tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook posts are being shared every day, and I want to make it my priority to highlight to very best that our volunteers have to offer.

It is so important for our charitable trusts, donors and friends and families in our impressive Project Trust Community to constantly be in the know about what their money goes towards and how it impacts over thousands of lives each year.

Alongside this, I want to work hard to create new social media campaigns, such as a discussion forum where our volunteers can provide feedback and input their opinions away from our Project Trust Facebook page, as well as working hard to promote the importance of our Selection Bursary and Access Fund.

So, if you are part of the Project Trust Community, past, present or future, please do not hesitate to email me with your wonderful stories of your experience of Project Trust, in whatever format you like. You can also share them via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

I expect you’ll be hearing from me very soon!

Best wishes,

Lottie Atkin, Communications Intern